Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland A’s 4-14-12

Here is a video of the Mariners game I went to. This is airing on my sports vlog on Youtube:

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Pictures of the Seattle Mariners Game Against the Oakland A’s on 4-14-12

Here are pictures of mythe first Seattle Mariners game of the 2012 season:

The view from my seat

Mariners Center Fielder Chone Figgins

Mariners First Baseman Justin Smoak

Mariners Third Baseman Alex Liddi

Mariners  Catcher Jesus Montero

Mariners Left Fielder Casper Wells

Mariners Shortstop Brendan Ryan

Mariners Pitcher Hector Noesi

Mariners Second Baseman Dustin Ackley

Mariners Right Fielder Ichiro Suzuki

Mariners Designated Hitter Miguel Olivo

Mariners Pitcher Brandon League

Mariners defeat the A’s 4-0.

More Seattle Mariners Autographs

So I went to the Seattle Mariners game against the Oakland Athletics on April 14, 2012. Here are some signatures I picked up to add to my collection:

Seattle Mariners/Oakland A’s Ticket for 4-14-12

Seattle Mariners Pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen

Former Seattle Mariners Pitcher Bill Krueger

Tom Wilhelmsen and I

Japan Series Recap

The Seattle Mariners have returned from Tokyo, Japan. The first two games of the 2012 Major League Baseball season are in the books. The M’s split the brief two-game series against the Oakland Athletics, winning the first game 3-1 in 11 innings and losing the second one 4-1. Here are some notes from the series:

First I must acknowledge the pitching performances from Oakland’s starting pitchers Brandon McCarthy and Bartolo Colon. McCarthy matched everything from Seattle’s starting pitcher Felix Hernandez in game one. Hernandez went one more inning than McCarthy, but even so, I wasn’t expecting him to pitch that well. When Colon pitched in game two, something occurred to me: Colon is a quiet Mariner Killer. When Mariners fans think of Mariner Killers, they think of players like Pedro Martinez and Vladimir Guerrero. As the game continued, I came to the realization that you could arguably put Colon on that list as well. The guy dominated the Mariners when he was with the Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Now he’s on Oakland and in his first start against the M’s, he went eight innings and allowed one run on three hits and if it hadn’t been for a home run by first baseman Justin Smoak, Colon would have shut them out.

As for the Mariners, I am not surprised at all they came through in the opening game of the season. The Mariners have historically been good on opening day. Heck, the last time they lost on opening day, you have to go back to 2006 when they lost to the Angels. So when the game went into extra innings, I wasn’t too concerned. As for the second game, again Colon was pitching to I wasn’t too surprised that we lost.

However, and I know the M’s have only played two games thus far, the bats were still terrible. Another start by Hernandez went by the waste side as the M’s could not put together a “big” inning (like scoring 5 runs in one inning or something like that.) In game one, the M’s went from the sixth inning to the eleventh without a base hit. Sure there were some bright sides in the series like Smoak and second baseman Dustin Ackley hitting home runs and the M’s did have nine hits in game one, but for the most part, the offense was no where to be seen.

Despite the poor offense, I will take the split. It’s better than getting swept so I won’t complain too much.

Up next for the M’s is another small two game series against the A’s in Oakland starting on Friday April 6th. I am hoping Hernandez will go again for the USA opener. Do I feel sorry for Oakland having to face Hernandez twice in four games if that happens? Not really.

One Side Note: I was a little surprised to see how quiet the Japanese fans were during the games. Granted they supported the M’s by wearing a ton of Seattle merchandise and Ichiro Suzuki T-Shirts. However they were really quiet compared to what I was expecting. Well despite them not being as rowdy as I thought they were going to be, they were great hostesses.

Previewing the 2012 Seattle Mariners

Here is a video of my youtube vlog. I prevew the Seattle Mariners:

The Pug’s Thoughts in The Doghouse Vlog: Previewing the 2012 Seattle Mariners

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A Few Small Notes Before The Opening Series In Japan

Now since my little rant to Hiroshi Yamaguchi is over, let’s get back to the exciting start of the baseball season. Again the Seattle Mariners will be playing in Japan and there is a ton of buzz and their opening series against the Oakland Athletics. I know the games need to be played, but here’s what I hope to see while the M’s are in Japan.

Outside of wanting the Mariners to sweep the A’s, I am really looking forward to seeing how Japanese baseball fans react at a game. I have seen glimpses of international baseball games while watching the World Baseball Classic. Some people from Asia bring drums, noise makers and sing songs throughout the game. I am wondering how much of that we will see that in Japan. American fans do that sometimes, but I’ve heard (and could be wrong about this) it is not as common over here in the States. Fans yell of course and chant their lungs out, but I only know of a few traditional chants and songs around Major League Baseball (e.i. Tomahawk Chant from the Atlanta Braves and there’s a guy in Cleveland who plays a drum when the Indians have a runner in scoring position.) It should be a festive atmosphere. I’m looking forward to comparing Japanese and American baseball fan bases after this series is over.

The other thing I would like to see, I know the chances of this happening are low, but a nice long extra inning game would be amazing. I don’t like to use this source, but according to Wikipedia, if a Japanese Baseball game is tied after nine innings, they play up to three innings of extra play. If the game is tied after 12 innings, the game ends in a tie. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one of the Mariners/A’s games went 15 or 18 innings? Both teams have a week and a half off after this series so they could go through their entire bullpen and bench if they had to. Imagine a late game winning hit in the 14th inning and how dramatic that would be for not just A’s and M’s fans, but the Japanese baseball fans in attendance? It would be a different form of baseball compared to what Japanese fans are used to seeing.

Game one will feature Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez and in game two, the M’s will send Jason Vargas to the hill. There is probably a source with this information, but at this time I don’t know who the A’s starting pitchers for the series.

Either way, I will be watching these games. I’ll have to catch the replays in the states, but I’ll manage. On that note, let’s play ball. It’s time to take down those pesky Oakland A’s.

(NOTE: I plan to preview the Mariners sometime before they play the A’s in the states. The reason why is because the M’s have a couple of more cuts to make and a few more exhibition games after this Japan trip. But don’t worry, it will come.